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Hello and welcome to [community profile] weasleyjumpers, your one-stop place for Weasley family-related fan works!

This community is dedicated to works based around the Weasley family, whether they be fics, art, vids, craft, etc. Posts are limited to members only, so please join the comm before trying to post. That being said, everyone is welcome here: authors, artists, vidders, reccers, etc.

♡ This community is based around the Weasley family, which means everything posted here must be focussed on at least one member of the Weasley family. This can be in a pairing - whether canonical or not - or gen.

♡ The Weasley family as defined by this community is any character who is blood-related to the canonical Weasley family from the Harry Potter book series, including all the canonical next generation children, as mentioned by JK Rowling in subsequent interviews. This includes the Weasley-Potter children, as their mother is a Weasley, but does not include the people the Weasley children married: Fleur, Angelina, Audrey, Harry, and Hermione are not Weasleys. Neither is Teddy Lupin.

♡ This community will have works that are explicit. Please use your own discretion as to whether you can handle seeing/reading such works.

♡ Please post everything over 100 words under a cut. Please post art under a cut, no matter the size. This means everything won't be oversized in the feed.

♡ No flaming is allowed. You will be banned with no warning.

Please do not post underage characters in sexual situations! I don't want to come under fire from any authorities for child pornography!

♡ Please use the following forms for posting:

Template for fics:

Template for art/icons:

Template for recs:

♡ Please warn for the normal things: major character death, graphic descriptions of violence, rape, and torture. There is no need to be warning for underage, as you will not be posting it! You can warn for anything else you think should be warned for, but they are not necessary.

♡ Please make use of any tags that apply to your work. It makes searches easier.
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